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Tom Hiddleston & Zachary Levi [for Pan]

one of the first things I see this morning??? I’m just staying in bed

right babe? I made the unholiest of blunders with even bothering to get up today.
also might like this. :)

Why yes smittentomkitten, you are most definitely correct…I do like this, I like it A LOT.

I’ve already made physical contact with Zac.  Hiddleston, you are next on my list…consider yourself warned ;).

I like that plan. :)

smittentomkitten i hate tumblr - never saw this tag. i finally got up and went to brunch but as soon as i got home, put comfy clothes back on, curled up on my couch and turned The Winter Soldier on (for the second third fifth sixth time in the last five days). beachgrl76 you’ve met precious Zac and smittentomkitten has met Tom. I just want to hug you both.

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